LANd Party
Toronto, Canada

LANd Party acts as an analog antidote to how many of us have recently, and sometimes solely, been socially connecting—the screen of our digital devices. This analog life-scale “diagram” partitions us safely away from one another through ten geometrically devised viewing pockets. Within each, a vertical slot (which accommodates all ages, physical abilities, and heights) unveils a space and experience that allows us to interact safely. Aided by a reflective interior and multi-mirrored center encircling the lifeguard stand, unabashed light mingles with the reflections of those we know and promotes connection to new friends. The winter experience offered here seems inverse to that of summer, where the lifeguard would peer onto beach-goers for safety; now, a crowd encircles the empty lifeguard stand that reflects a unified image while maintaining physical distance. LANd Party allows visitors to engage while in the refuge of a safe, socially distanced space.
Design Team
Mark Rukamathu
Mandy Lee